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Prophecy Asset Management, L.P offers unique investment management capabilities. As specialists in “first-loss” capital allocation management, we allocate to qualified emerging and established portfolio managers on a case-by-case basis. Prophecy seeks to allocate to investment strategies that are demonstrating an investment edge and consistent delivery of positive returns in the global equity long/short space. Past performance is not a guarantee of future results.

First-Loss capital Allocations

The principals of Prophecy have each been involved in first-loss capital investing since 2001,both as a manager and investor.
Our unique structure creates a “manager-friendly” environment with flexible terms, generous payouts, transparent operations and significant opportunities for further non-first-loss investment. Prophecy Asset Management, L.P. offers the next generation, turn key, first-loss capital platform with third-party oversight and investor transparency for portfolio managers seeking enhanced scale and exposure to potential investors.

Investorsfirst-loss capital for investors

Prophecy offers investors a variety of unique, multi-manager investment programs designed to mitigate downside volatility, while seeking to consistently deliver stable returns. By aligning the interest of the manager with the investor through a first-loss capital structure, we create an improved alchemy of risk and reward.Past performance is not a guarantee of future results.

Prophecy has a dedicated risk desk team that monitors all trading and performance activity in real-time. Learn more about the portfolio manager selection process.

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 Portfolio Managersfirst-loss capital for equity managers

Prophecy provides next generation, turn-key, first-loss capital allocations. Portfolio managers interested in being considered for a first-loss capital allocation are requested to send their performance, sample portfolio and other information to us by using our Contact Us form.

Notional allocation sizes range from $3 million and up to $200 million per strategy and are pursuant to Prophecy Investment Committee guidelines. Learn more about Prophecy sub-advisor allocations.

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