Portfolio Manager Information

Prophecy Asset Management, L.P. is a New York City based asset management firm specializing in first-loss capital allocation. Our investors include U.S. and Sovereign wealth pension schemes, insurance companies, family offices and fund of funds. Prophecy is not a broker-dealer and does not participate in firm equity, commissions or brokerage fees. Prophecy offers a unique, turn-key, first-loss capital program that allows managers to establish sizable scale and regulatory AUM at launch, early stage and mature fund life-cycles.

First-loss capital allocations sizes range from $3 million to $200 million.

Our institutional investor base, which currently has allocations to over 270 equity managers globally, are involved in the strategy selection process. We have been successful in securing capital for our underlying portfolio managers without a first-loss caveat.

Our turn-key approach allows for expeditious setup of a first-loss capital allocation.

Portfolio managers interested in being considered for a first-loss capital allocation are requested to send their performance and other information to us.

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Features of a First-Loss Capital Allocation

Exposure to Emerging Strategy Investors

Prophecy Fund Emerging Strategy investors first-loss capital allocationProphecy shares and refers manager performance and
strategy information with emerging strategy investors.
Prophecy has been successful in securing allocations outside of the platform, without structured managed
account caveats.

Portable Daily Performance Reports

Prophecy Daily Performance Reports for first-loss capital allocationManager can upload his daily performance in the form of 32 reports, directly into excel files for his own use in marketing, performance analysis and personal track record

Monthly Payment and Reconciliation of Profit Allocation

Monthly Payment Prophecy Fund for first-loss capital allocationManager receives first-loss capital allocation profits by the 12th business day in the following month.

Trade Reconciliation

Trade Reconcillation first-loss capital allocationAutomatic next-day trade reconciliation.

Third-Party Deposit Setup

Prophecy Fund Third Party Deposit Set Up first-loss capital allocationManager deposit is controlled by third-party administrator, and held by custodian bank. Deposit is not margined, pledged, or at risk to Prophecy fund operations.
Manager receives monthly deposit status
report generated from administrator.

Full-Time Concierge Trading Desk

Full Time Concierge Service Prophecy Fund first-loss capital allocationManager has direct line to our trading desk for assistance in order-entry, reporting, short locates, calculations and special assistance.

Flexible, Generous Payout Options

Flexible Payout Options first-loss capital allocationManagers receive generous payout schedules, with flexible terms and opportunities for increasing allocations in 24 hours.

Turn-Key Setup

Prophecy Turnkey Setup first-loss capital allocationProphecy provides legal, order entry, accounting, reporting and other setup requirements for the portfolio manager’s first-loss capital allocation.